Our Cattle

Belted Galloways

Our Galloway Cattle are a heritage breed, originating from Scotland. They are very hardy cattle and thrive on a grass-fed diet. Testing in Canada has found Galloway beef to be low in saturated fat and has been proven to be as healthy for the heart and brain as chicken and fish and naturally contains more omega-3 fatty acids.

Cattle Information

Galloways have a thick double coat. The coarse outer coat sheds wind and rain, while the soft, fur-like under coat provides insulation and waterproofing, which makes them perfect for our sometimes harsh Canadian winters, and allows them to stay outside as much as they’d like. 

Grass fed

A grass based diet also involves less machinery being used on our farm than a grain diet, which results in a much smaller environmental footprint. Grazing is what our cows do best and allows them to have a natural stress free life. 

One of our calves born on the farm.