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15505 Centreville Creek Road, Caledon, Ontario L7C 3C3

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Covid-19 Update

Curb-side pickup only, Please phone ahead.

Masks are mandatory.

Please keep at least 6ft apart.

Please refer to Town of Caledon and Peel restrictions. Click the link below.

Peel Website

Queensmere Farms

Biosecurity plan for Queensmere Farms!
Why biosecurity do you ask? Our farm is currently a “safe zone” My animals are healthy and protected and I’d like to keep it that way. Visitors coming from other farms or may have visited other farms, could unwilling carry diseases or pests that may not affect them, but to my animals it could mean illness, infection or worse.
Please respect our posted signage.

Assumption of risk when on property and in our Facilities.

When on premises please call 289 231 2180

Please respect our property